Justin Bieber Offered Deal By Australian Mayor

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November 29, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Justin Bieber has been offered the chance to escape punishment over his Australian graffiti if he agrees to sing at a local Christmas carol event next month.
The Baby hitmaker has caused a furore during his tour Down Under after he was caught spray-painting a wall on the grounds of the hotel where he was staying in the Gold Coast.
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has accused Bieber of setting a bad example to his young fans and ordered the singer to clean up his mess.
Tate insists graffiti vandalism is punishable by a community service sentence, but he has offered Bieber the chance to redeem himself by giving locals a boost at the upcoming Mayor’s Christmas Carols event in Gold Coast City on 7 December.
He says, “If a normal person did that they’d be serving 80 to 100 hours of community service. Just come and clean it up and we’ll be happy with you. Alternatively come and sing at our mayoral Christmas carols on the seventh of December for an hour and I’ll let you go.”
Tate adds to the AAP, “The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking its a cool thing to do.”
Bieber will still be in Australia at the time of the carol concert as his tour doesn’t end until 8 December, and he currently has no shows booked for that day.