Justin Timberlake Battles Illness To Perform On Hollywood Boulevard

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September 25, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Justin Timberlake battled a raging headache to perform on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
The pop star took over the same outdoor stage where Sir Paul McCartney entertained an estimated 10,000 fans the night before, as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! concert series, but he wasn’t quiteon top form.
During a pre-gig chat with Kimmel, Timberlake revealed he had been battling a thick cold since he performed in Las Vegas at the weekend and he still felt rough.
As the host teased the studio audience about his show outside, the singer said, “I make no promises.”
However, the singer didn’t disappoint his fans, kicking off his show outside the El Capitan theatre with Take Back the Night, during which he took a fan’s camera phone and shot a video of the audience from the stage.