Kanye West Gives Harvard Students Free Tickets To Boston Show

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November 18, 2013 | 11:15am EST

Kanye West thrilled students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on Sunday when he announced everyone attending his talk would be given a free ticket to his show that night.
The Stronger rapper visited the prestigious college in Boston, Massachusetts to talk to students about his design companyDONDA alongside its creative director Virgil Abloh.
After touring the facility and admiring the students’ work, West opened his lecture by announcing that everyone in the room would be handed a ticket to his Boston show that night, but he urged them not to be too critical of his stage set, telling the packed room, “So after walking through here I decided that I wanted to make sure for anyone that didn’t have tickets tonight that you all could have tickets to the show (sic). So anybody who wants to come tonight, you can have tickets for the entire office… Tonight, this show, if you come see it… I’m a bit self conscious because I’m showing it to architects… The stage does have flaws in it. It’s an expression of emotion so give me a pass on that.”
West is said to have provided around 300 free tickets for the lucky students.
During the rest of the lecture, the rapper talked about his passion for design, and praised the students’ dedication. West’s fiancee Kim Kardashian was in the audience for the lecture, and posted a picture from the event on her Instagram page.