Kanye West Sued By Injured Videographer

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August 21, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

The videographer who Kanye West allegedly attacked outside Los Angeles International Airport last month has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against the rapper.
On Wednesday, less than a week after felony charges against West over the 19 July fracas were dropped by officials working for the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Daniel Ramos and his attorney Gloria Allred staged a press conference to outline the legal action against the rapper.
Allred revealed there has been an investigation into the altercation and the case has been passed to the L.A. city attorney to consider possible misdemeanour charges against Kanye.
Ramos told the gathered media representatives that he was still in pain a month after the “unprovoked” attack on him, and he has taken to using a cane to help him walk after spending “two weeks on crutches”.
The videographer, who is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, stated he felt “terrified” and “threatened” when the rapper reportedly charged at him after he asked him an on-camera question outside LAX airport.
He told reporters, “I told him twice, ‘I don’t want to fight you’.”
Ramos was taken to hospital following his encounter with West and although Allred would not go into details about her client’s injuries, she told reporters, “He’s still in pain.”
She also confirmed that she had alerted the rap star’s legal representative and told him of the lawsuit, adding, “It will be important for Kanye to apologize. That would be a start… Kanye needs to do the right thing.”
The lawyer also took issue with celebrities like Kirstie Alley and Cher, who applauded West for lashing out at a videographer on Twitter.com, stating Ramos was “simply trying to exercise his right to free speech”.
The accuser added, “I was just trying to do my job,” and added he was bringing the suit against Kanye because, “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.”
During the press conference, the footage Ramos shot of West as he allegedly attacked him was shown.