Kate Mara And Michael B. Jordan Lead New Fantastic Four Cast

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February 20, 2014 | 2:11pm EST

Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan are set to star in the Fantastic Four reboot, with Miles Teller and British actor Jamie Bell expected to sign on too.
The House of Cards actress has joined the comic book adaptation to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, who was originally portrayed by Jessica Alba in the 2005 original.
Fruitvale Station’s Jordan will play her brother Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, according to Variety.com.
Jordan’s That Awkward Moment co-star Miles Teller and British actor Jamie Bell are expected to star as Reid Richards/Mr Fantastic and Ben Grimm/The Thing, respectively, but have yet to officially sign on for the movie.
The reboot is due to be released next year.