Katherine Jackson Hated Kids’ Face Masks

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August 27, 2013 | 11:17am EST

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine hated it when he made his children hide behind masks in public and vowed to ditch the bizarre accessories when she was asked to help raise the youngsters after the King of Pop’s death.
Jackson famously put veils over the faces of sons Prince and Blanket and daughter Paris whenever they were out and about to ensure no one knew what they looked like.
His mother insists her son was only trying to protect the kids from the glare of publicity, but since his death the children have often been seen in public without the face coverings after Katherine vowed to let the youngsters lead a normal life.
She tells Hello! magazine, “They were sheltered a lot when Michael raised them. I had thought about it and I said, ‘I am not going to raise them like that.’ I didn’t like the way it looked anyway, but Michael had a good reason. He kept their faces veiled so nobody would know what they looked like and they could play like normal kids. He was trying to protect them.”
Jackson died from an accidental overdose of anaesthetic in June, 2009, and Katherine has since assumed shared legal guardianship of Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and 11 year old Blanket.