Katie Holmes Forced To Improvise After Forgetting Lines Onstage

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December 21, 2012 | 7:26am EST

Katie Holmes experienced the moment all actors dread when she forgot her lines onstage during a live performance of Dead Accounts and was forced to improvise.
The former Dawson’s Creek star made her Broadway debut in the hit show at the Music Box Theater in New York last month and despite her blunder earlier this month, Holmes insists she loves the freedom of stage acting.
She tells US talk show host David Letterman, “I enjoy doing the live play… (But) a couple (of) weeks ago I had the moment that I’ve been dreading. I have this kind of big speech in the second act and it’s pretty important because it goes along with the theme of the show.
“I said the first line and I’m looking at (co-star) Judy Greer, and I’m supposed to be angry with her, and then the second line – I didn’t remember.”
Holmes was forced to improvise the rest of the speech as Greer was unable to give her a useful prompt.
She adds, “I knew the point of it, so I made my way there.”