Katie Price Details Health Scare Hell

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August 12, 2013 | 7:35am EST

British reality TV star Katie Price has spent nearly two weeks in hospital on strict bed rest as doctors battle to save her unborn baby.
The former glamour model was thought to have been hospitalized in Europe over the weekend after suffering pregnancy complications during a vacation abroad.
However, she has now revealed she was actually rushed to hospital two weeks ago after the amniotic sac surrounding her baby tore, putting the child in danger, and she has been under the care of doctors who are trying to prevent her from going into early labour.
Price, who is not due to give birth for around another 10 weeks, tells Britain’s The Sun, “I feel like I’ve been through hell over the past 13 days, but I just thank God I went straight to hospital… My baby was in danger… I didn’t know if the baby was going to be ok or whether I was going to have it or not. It was terrifying… Doctors want to keep the baby inside me for as long as possible but they’ve told me they want to perform a Caesarean.”
Price arranged for an air ambulance to take her back to her native U.K., but doctors decided it was not safe for her to fly, and she is confined to her bed to avoid putting her baby at risk.
The star admits she is scared for her baby, but is trying to remain positive, adding, “I am in good hands and have to believe that all will be well.”
The baby is her first child with new husband Kieran Hayler, and she has three other children from previous relationships.