Ke$ha’s Boobs Help Her Write Songs

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May 1, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Eccentric pop star Ke$Ha has revealed she has started composing tunes by letting her boobs pick notes on the piano to inspire her.
The Die Young hitmaker admits she strips off for songwriting sessions and dangles her breasts over the keyboard to see what they can come up with, and she insists her bizarre new way of working is actually quite successful.
Appearing on chat show Conan on Tuesday, she explained, “It started as, like, a joke but then it seriously has produced some of my favorite songs on my new record.
“What I do is, I turn off all the lights and I walk over to the piano and I gently lower myself, my boobs… onto the keys and I just let ’em tickle the ivories… It’s very serious.”