Kerr Named Baby After Ex-boyfriend

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July 13, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Supermodel and new mum Miranda Kerr used an old boyfriend as inspiration for her baby’s name.
The Aussie and her husband Orlando Bloom welcomed Flynn Christopher in January, and the Pirates of the Caribbean star announced the boy’s first name was selected as a tribute to his grandmother, who passed away shortly after the newborn was conceived.

However, now Kerr reveals there was a meaning behind the child’s middle name as well – the Victoria’s Secret model’s first boyfriend, Christopher Middlebook, tragically died in a car accident when they were teenagers and the star wanted to acknowledge him in some way too.

She tells Australia’s Daily Telegraph, “Chris and I had been dating for two years. After he died, I wrote him a letter that said I hoped to name my first child after him in some way. I told Orlando and he was the one who said he’d be happy to do that. Orlando’s a good guy.”