Kevin Spacey Wants Urgent Treatment For ‘kill’ Threat Woman

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May 15, 2014 | 11:20am EST

Actor Kevin Spacey has urged a judge to detain a woman for urgent psychiatric treatment after she threatened to torture and shoot him.
The Oscar winner was left shaken and afraid when a bomb threat was issued to his office in Los Angeles in 2009.
Police launched a probe and traced the message to the home of Linda Louise Culkin in Quincy, Massachusetts, and a search of the property uncovered a photo of Spacey with his eyes blacked out.
Culkin had also posted deranged messages on in which she warned followers that a gunman would “put a bullet in K.S.’s brain and then commit suicide” and threatened that the American Beauty star “would be disemboweled”, according to court documents.
Culkin, 55, has pleaded guilty to mailing threatening communications, and sending threats and false information regarding explosives, and she was due to be sentenced at a court in Boston, Massachusetts this week but the case was adjourned for psychiatric assessment.
In a letter to the judge, Spacey urged the official to ensure Culkin receives the treatment she needs, writing, “The only way I am going to achieve a true state of safety is for the defendant to 
remain in custody and undertake intense psychiatric treatment.”
Culkin is due back in court on 24 July.