Keys And Beatz To Wed ‘soon’

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July 22, 2010 | 7:40am EST

Alicia Keys’ fiance Swizz Beatz has laughed off reports the couple is planning to wed on a yacht in the Caribbean this weekend, but concedes the nuptials will happen “soon”.

The singer, who is five months pregnant with their first child, is expected to marry her partner over the summer and was rumored to have planned a secret ceremony at sea for the pair to exchange vows away from the glare of the spotlight.

Online gossips were sent into a spin with reports the wedding was due to be held this weekend, but Beatz reveals no one has correctly guessed the date yet.

He tells America’s OK! magazine, “Well it’s not this weekend… It’s soon! (But) not this weekend.”

The producer also reveals he has been heavily involved in planning the ceremony, but he’s adamant it will not be a “gimmicky” showbiz wedding.

He adds, “Yeah, you know, I’m a planner! I like getting into the detail of things… (I like) being involved with the wedding. I’m not the person who sits back and goes, ‘Okay, well I’ll just show up’. I’m actually spearheading certain plans but it’s a nice blend, a nice partnership.

“(It will be) an amazing day. Very intimate. It’s not a superstar wedding. It’s not a gimmicky wedding. It’s a true bond of love, you know, that’s not based on having the most famous person sitting there while you’re doing it. It’s about having the closest people who really understand you as a person and that really have love for you. So it’s a small situation.”