Kid Rock Angry At Fans’ Snow Gig Complaints

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February 11, 2011 | 4:20am EST

Kid Rock has defended his decision to perform in Arkansas on Wednesday, despite the fact heavy snow prevented several ticket holders from attending the gig.
Angry fans accused the rocker of being greedy after he refused to cancel the North Little Rock show after a storm covered roads with snow and ice.

The All Summer Long hitmaker has hit back at complaints in a profane rant on his website, insisting he never cancels his shows.

He writes, “I’ve never ripped any of my fans off, EVER!!! I have also NEVER missed a show. I know there are people who drove here from Memphis and Oklahoma, been in there (sic) cars all day driving and dealing with this s***ty weather, the same as me and my band have the WHOLE TOUR.

“You so called ‘fans’ on my website b**chin and moanin and saying I’m greedy, can GO F**K YOURSELVES, plain and simple. Throw out my cd’s (sic) and lose my number, I don’t want drama kings and queens like yall (sic) anywhere around myself, band, crew, family or my fans.”

The star also vowed to refund those who could not attend with money “straight out of my pocket”, before thanking his supporters.

He added, “Thank you to the real fans who not only understand my situation but defended me… I make a lot of money, no question, but I’ve never ripped anyone off to do it.”