Kid Rock Keeping Relationship Quiet

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March 11, 2011 | 4:00am EST

Kid Rock has found love again after his divorce from Pamela Anderson – but he’s keeping his new girlfriend’s identity a secret.
The rocker, real name Robert Ritchie, married the Baywatch beauty in 2006 but their relationship ended just a year later . Kid Rock has since moved on with a new woman – but he refuses to name her because he wants to keep their relationship from the media spotlight.

When asked if he’s dating “anyone special”, he tells Piers Morgan, “Yes. You know what happens – you put these people out there, and you declare your love for them and the press gets interested and sometimes it destroys somebody else’s life. What if that doesn’t work out for that other person?

“This is somebody who is not a celebrity, it can really be a tough thing to deal with. I’m thinking of somebody else (and) trying not to be so selfish. It’s better in the end. Whatever it’s gonna be it’s gonna be. Things go one way or another (but) at least she’s protected.”

The Cowboy hitmaker has also refused to rule out settling down with his partner, adding: “Would I get married again? Right now I’d say no. But I’ve learned never to say no.”