Kid Rock Loses Assault Lawsuit

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September 17, 2010 | 9:00pm EST

Kid Rock has lost a civil suit accusing him of beating up a fellow diner at an Atlanta, Georgia restaurant in 2007 – he and his fellow defendants have been ordered to pay $40,000 to their alleged victim.
The singer and five members of his entourage went on trial this week amid allegations they beatup Harlen Akins for no apparent reason following an argument at a branch of the Atlanta Waffle House in October 2007.

Akins claimed he had been left bloodied in the attack and with serious injuries after Rock’s pals followed him to the restaurant parking lot..

Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, took the stand at the DeKalb County courthouse on Thursday and admitted that tempers had flared on the night in question, but insisted he and his pals had been provoked by Akins after a heated exchange with Davina Barnes, a female member of the star’s crew.

He told the court Akins had goaded him into the fight by making a reference to his ex-wife Pamela Anderson.

But Kid Rock and his entourage were found to be at fault in the brawl – and Judge Johnny Panos ordered them to hand over damages to Akins.

The All Summer Long hitmaker must pay 15 per cent of the total, amounting to $6,000, while the other five defendants are liable to make up the remaining $34,000.

The singer was previously punished for his involvement in the incident – he served 80 hours of community service in 2008 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanour charge of simple battery.