Kingston Knew ‘it Was Over’ If He Smashed Head In Jet Ski Accident

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August 3, 2011 | 2:25pm EST

Singer Sean Kingston has his quick reflexes to thank for avoiding near-certain death during his jet-ski accident in May after shattering his wrist in a bid to protect his head from serious injury.
The R&B hitmaker was hospitalized for weeks after crashing his water vehicle into a bridge near his Miami, Florida home, but the star admits the incident could have ended in tragedy had he not thrown up his arm in time to shield his face.

Speaking for the first time about the accident in an interview on MTV, which aired on Tuesday, he says, “All I remember, just for me being quick (sic) and just to put my hand up and block my face because I knew that that was the bridge and if I hit my head, it was over. So I had a quick reflex and I put my hand up and that’s how I shattered my wrist because the impact was so strong.”

Kingston insists he is now “100 per cent” better and he’s relieved his female companion, who was a passenger on the jet ski, escaped practically unscathed.

He adds, “She went into the hospital for two hours. All she had was like a little headache from the jerk, but she didn’t really get no (sic) injuries.”