Kit Harington ‘can’t Stand’ Watching Wife Rose Leslie Kiss Other Actors On Screen

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April 15, 2019 | 11:10am EST

Kit Harington has admitted it “isn’t pleasant” watching his wife Rose Leslie’s performance in romantic roles.
The star, who married his former Game of Thrones co-star, 32, after the pair met on the show, made the revelation during an interview with Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.
While the couple tied the knot last year, Rose left the show following its fourth season to pursue other projects, and 32-year-old Kit confessed that watching his wife kiss other guys on screen “isn’t pleasant”.
“I went to see a movie Rose did called Honeymoon where she spends half the movie snogging with my friend Harry Treadaway. About five minutes in I had to close my eyes because I couldn’t stand it,” he recalled. “I was watching them play a couple on a honeymoon and it wasn’t pleasant, because she’s an incredible actor and I was watching her thinking that she really loved this guy.”
The star went on to admit that the situation was made even more uncomfortable because he was sat between the two in the cinema: “I was sitting between Rose and Harry and it was awful.”
During the chat, Kit also opened up about his on-screen partnership with close friend Emilia Clarke, 32, and recalled the “odd” moment when the two shared their first on-screen kiss.
“Emilia and I had been best friends over a seven-year period and by the time we had to kiss it seemed really odd,” he reflected. “Emilia, Rose and I are good friends, so even though you’re actors and it’s your job, there’s an element of weirdness when the three of us are having dinner and we had a kissing scene that day.”
Despite the awkwardness, Kit gushed over Emilia as being “wonderful” and admitted that he “loved working with her”.