Kravitz Shocks Choir With Surprise Appearance

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June 29, 2010 | 9:00pm EST

Lenny Kravitz was so stunned when he overheard a New Orleans, Louisiana choir belting out his hit track Fly Away while he was dining out nearby he surprised the singers by showing up to applaud them.
The rocker was on a nearby terrace when he heard the Voice of Praise Choir playing a rendition of his song.

Impressed Kravitz followed the joyous sound and walked in on the choir, even joining singers on drums.

After rocking out with the choir, the singer took the microphone to complete the track for a growing crowd of onlookers.

Kravitz posted a video of the performance on his page, writing, “In case you missed this, when I unexpectedly joined the VOP (Voice of Praise) Choir in NOLA (New Orleans) the other day.”

Talking into the lens at the start of the clip, he says, “I was just sitting up on a terrace and I hear some strange music.”