Kreayshawn Is Bisexual

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March 6, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Rap phenomenon Kreayshawn has announced she’s bisexual.
The 22-year-old Gucci Gucci hitmaker has opened up about her sexual preferences, revealing she has dated both men and women – and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to love.

She tells GQ magazine, “I’m, like, a person who likes love. And I can find love in any type of person. I’ve dated girls and I’ve liked girls. But they’re usually straight girls, so it never works out. I mean, I’m not that gay, so I don’t have the energy to convince someone else to be gay, you know?”

And that isn’t Kreayshawn’s only sexual revelation in the explosive new article – the rapper also confesses she dropped out of high school when she was a teen and became an online madam to support herself.

The hitmaker, real name Natassia Zolot, occasionally sold pot and other drugs and created an escort service with her gal pals.

She tells the magazine, “Some girls I was hangin’ out with at the time wanted to do it, and I was like, ‘Well I’m not going to do it, but I can, like, help you arrange it.’

“We had a plan. We were gonna open up a massage parlour in the future and make it a real enterprise. It was gonna be legit. But, after a week, some professionals came into the situation. And then the girls were gone.”