Kristen Bell Finding It Tough To Give Up Breastfeeding

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April 5, 2016 | 6:54pm EST

Frozen star Kristen Bell is struggling with her emotions now she’s no longer a nursing mom.
The actress stopped breastfeeding her youngest child last week and admits she was not ready to “let it go”.
“I really loved it… and I feel a little lonely,” she told Access Hollywood Live. “It makes you feel very valuable. No one in my house wants to nurse anymore.”
Kristen was somewhat of a milk factory after the birth of her second child, because she was still breastfeeding her first.
“There was, like, a weird overlap, because once the baby came, they were so close that the toddler wanted to start nursing again,” she added. “I was a food truck for a very long time.
“I did it pretty much anywhere. I don’t really care. They’re boobs; we all have them… They’re just different shapes and sizes. I was never modest about it… It’s when the baby wants to nurse.”
The actress and her actor husband Dax Shepard have two daughters – Lincoln, who recently turned three, and 15-month-old Delta.
Big on parents rights, Kristen is developing a website to aid celebrity moms and dads struggling to protect their kids from the paparazzi.
Bell, who spearheaded a campaign to keep children out of the tabloids and helped change laws to protect kids, explained, “It’ll be the No Kids Policy website, where people can actually go… who wanna support other kids and other parents… They can see all the media that they can consume peacefully, knowing that they don’t exploit children.”