Kristen Bell Used Cher Connections To Land Meet-and-greet For Young Friend

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February 22, 2020 | 9:25am EST

Kristen Bell recently helped to make a young friend’s pop dreams come true by using her celebrity connections to organise a special Las Vegas meet-and-greet with Cher.
The actress has become friendly with the veteran entertainer in recent years, and decided to ask a favour on behalf of a little girl who goes to her children’s school.
“I was texting with Cher last night, who is a wonderful woman,” the Frozen star gushed on breakfast show Good Morning America.
“The reason I was texting with her is she has her (residency) show in Vegas, and a very good friend from school’s six year old was going (on a weeknight) and her whole life is Cher.
“Cher doesn’t do meet-and-greets unless it’s on (a) Saturday and I said, ‘Could you make an exception? She’s six years old,’ and she was like, ‘Absolutely.’ And she met her and it was wonderful.”