Kyra Sedgwick Feels ‘pressure’ To Stay Married To Kevin Bacon

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September 21, 2017 | 11:15am EST

Kyra Sedgwick often feels “pressured” by fans to stay married to Kevin Bacon.
The Closer star and her actor husband wed in September 1988 and have just celebrated 29 years of marriage, quite the feat for a Hollywood couple.
While Kyra and Kevin are very happy together, she has now admitted that strangers often approach her to tell her how devastated they would be should they ever part ways in the future.
“It’s a lot of pressure,” she said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. “I think everyone projects their unicorns and rainbows on you and your marriage. People (say to me), ‘Oh my God, you guys are so amazing, how do you do it?’ I literally had one guy say to me: ‘If you guys broke up, God would crack open the planet and suck L.A. right in.'”
When it comes to staying together, the 52-year-old explained that Kevin, 59, often sends her sweet messages, especially on special days. And the pair have the same anniversary tradition each year.
“We have sex and go out to dinner…We’re unusual in that way. It’s an afternoon delight thing,” the star laughed.
To celebrate their 29th anniversary, Kevin organized for them to have dinner at a restaurant in Brooklyn. But the crowded atmosphere at the trendy haunt led Kyra to make an embarrassing mistake.
“We walk into this restaurant, it was really loud and the tables were really close together… And so we sit down and there’s another couple and as we raise our glass to toast, the guy next to me goes, ‘Happy anniversary!’ And I was like, ‘Oh thanks!’ And he goes, ‘Oh, is it your anniversary too?’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so the narcissistic self-centered actress – other people get married too!'”