Lady Gaga Saves Fan From Suicide

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December 11, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Lady Gaga has been credited with saving a fan from suicide by reaching out to the youngster online.
The Poker Face singer got in touch with the girl through her web community after seeing a post which suggested she was close to taking her own life.
Gaga sent a message to the fan, who is reportedly from County Offaly, Ireland, and urged her to reconsider, adding in a subsequent post, “We all love you. Nothing is worth taking your life. Just remember how sad I would be, how sad we would all be. We are connected through the music and that is powerful. Listen to music and get creative with your life. You can be and become anything. You have more power than u think.”
The fan later thanked the singer for stepping in and helping her through such a tough time, writing in a message to the star, “I love you so much Gaga, you’re everything to me and what you done for me yesterday was amazing… You saved me and my family and friends can thank you for that… With your support I am strong and knowing that you took time out of your busy life just made me so honored to be here… I (was) suicidal and you saved me, you don’t understand how you have changed my life completely.”