Lady Gaga Takes To The Air In Album Release Stunt

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November 11, 2013 | 7:26am EST

Lady Gaga reached new heights on Sunday by donning what she dubbed as the world’s first flying dress to publicise the release of her new album Artpop.
The singer hosted an event at a warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, where she sported one of her most outlandish outfits to date – a plastic moulded bodysuit with six large propellers attached.
Gaga took flight and hovered around a foot from the ground as the costume, named Volantis, was propelled across the warehouse.
The stunt was carried out to mark the release of her latest record this week.
She told the crowd at the bash that the ‘flying dress’ was “essentially a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for (my fans’) voices”.
The singer added, “I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world… Their minds are just so boundless. They’re just so inspiring.”
The star will also make history in publishing on Monday – she becomes the first guest contributor to design a logo for USA Today. The singer has designed a statue for editions of the newspaper’s LIFE section in collaboration with artist Jeff Koons.