Lady Gaga Wore Michael Jackson’s Clothes While Working On ARTPOP

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August 13, 2013 | 8:47pm EST

Lady Gaga wore Michael Jackson’s clothes while working on her latest album and is convinced she could ‘feel’ the King Of Pop through his garments.
The Just Dance hitmaker bought a 55-strong collection of items from Jackson’s wardrobe at an auction in Los Angeles last year and vowed to archive and care for the garments for future generations of fans.
The star never planned to wear his touring clothes, but admits she often dons the Thriller hitmaker’s more casual items and even wore some of his sweaters while in the final stages of making her latest record, ARTPOP.
In an interview with DJ Ryan Seacrest, she says, “I recently bought a bunch of Michael Jackson’s clothes – his actual clothes from his tours. The idea was to keep them for him and I actually don’t really want to wear them. They’re Michael’s clothes.
“(But) there’s a couple of pieces I have to the side and I have his sweaters that I put on – I wear that when we’re mixing and finish up a record. I feel something from the clothing and I gave one of the sweaters to his godson and he really loved that. I just feel like through clothes you can feel things.”
Lady Gaga rush-released her new single Applause worldwide on Monday after the material leaked online, while her third album ARTPOP will follow on 11 November.