Lamb Of God Malaysian Show Scrapped Over Protests

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September 5, 2013 | 3:55am EST

An upcoming Lamb Of God show in Malaysia has been scrapped following protests from the country’s Islamic leaders.
The group was billed to perform in Kuala Lumpur on 28 September but the concert has been cancelled after the Department Of Islamic Development officials determined that Lamb of God’s music infringed on religious and cultural sensitivities.
As a result, concert organisers Livescape Sdn Bhd opted to call off the concert after learning frontman Randy Blythe and his bandmates had received death threats.
Announcing the cancellation on Wednesday, a spokesman for the promoters said, “This difficult decision was made after thorough deliberation by us at Livescape and taking into account the objections raised by various groups as well as life threats made by certain irresponsible individuals towards the bandmembers.”
Meanwhile, a statement from the band reads: “In response to the growing controversy and public protest within Malaysia, and on the advice of our management, we have elected to cancel our show in Kuala Lampur (sic). It is very evident (and a bit frustrating) that the groups, parties and powers that have taken the most offence to our music and lyrics, have themselves only made a passing glance at the content and meanings of those songs.
“We would invite anyone offended by our music to engage in a discussion regarding the true motivations behind our work, especially before publicly slandering us based on assumptions and shallow misinterpretation.”
The band’s latest controversy comes just three months after Blythe was cleared of charges he was responsible for the death of a fan he reportedly pushed from the stage at a Lamb of God gig in the Czech Republic in 2010.
The singer spent a month behind bars after he was arrested in connection to the death of the 19 year old.