Larry King’s Wife In Drug Overdose Drama

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June 10, 2010 | 12:44am EST

Larry King’s wife Shawn is recovering after an apparent prescription drug overdose at the end of last month, according to a spokesman for the broadcaster.
Reports suggest paramedics were called to Shawn King’s home in Provo, Utah on 28 May after her father found the singer, 50, unresponsive in bed.
In a transcript of the emergency call, which was released on Wednesday, Karl Engemann told the dispatcher he couldn’t wake his daughter and he feared she may have taken too much medication for depression.
Paramedics found several empty prescription bottles, according to a police report, and a handwritten note that indicated King had taken the pills intentionally and requests for the singer’s funeral.
The incident came a month after Shawn and Larry King both filed for divorce. The couple reconciled in May and called off the divorce.
A statement from Larry King reads, “Our marriage is still together, and I am staying very close to our children, who we love immensely. We shall go through this difficult time intact as a family.”