Laura Ziskin Bequeathed Money To Lee Daniels’ The Butler

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January 7, 2014 | 2:12pm EST

Hollywood producer Laura Ziskin made sure her final project, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, made it to the big screen by leaving money for the film in her will.
Ziskin was working on the movie prior to her death from cancer in June, 2011, and director Daniels previously revealed she was still setting up financing deals from her deathbed even though she was seriously ill.
He has now revealed she left money for the project in her will as she was so determined to make sure the film hit cinemas.
Daniels tells, “Laura was dialing for dollars from her deathbed. This film was keeping her alive. I know it to be (true), as sure as I’m talking to you. She put her life on the line, even leaving money in her will so we could continue on.”