Law’s Police Leak Fears

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August 1, 2011 | 11:20am EST

British actor Jude Law has mixed feelings about calling the police whenever he’s in trouble – because he once feared cops would leak his information to the press.
The Sherlock Holmes heartthrob admits his past involvement with British authorities hasn’t been great, citing two previous incidents when he allegedly turned to the law for help – only to find his experiences reported in newspapers soon after.

In a candid interview with U.K. newspaper The Observer, Law is asked if he felt the establishment was corrupt, to which he replies, “Yes. Truly. That’s certainly how I felt. I was aware back then that certain avenues, even the most official ones, would ultimately lead to media exposure so you were left with a situation where you don’t know quite where to go.

“I’ve been in scenarios, several times, often involved in being chased, often involved in being stalked, having my privacy infringed upon, and not been able to go to the police because having done it in the past I knew that those stories would then end up being leaked.”

But the star, who is in the middle of legal proceedings over the phone hacking scandal that is alleged to have taken place at the now-defunct U.K. tabloid The News of the World, is confident those cases are isolated ones.

He adds, “I’ve also been treated really well by the police where they’ve been really respectful and really helpful, so it’s clearly individuals.”