LeAnn Rimes Banned From Speaking To Save Voice

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January 23, 2013 | 7:26am EST

Singer Leann Rimes has been banned from speaking for two weeks after losing her voice.
The Blue hitmaker suffered an allergic reaction earlier this month and woke up over the weekend to discover she could not speak properly.
Rimes consulted a doctor, who told her to rest her vocal cords for two weeks, but she defied the medic’s orders to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV chat show on Tuesday night.
Detailing her health scare, she says, “I’m good except I have no voice. I had these allergies going on, which I’ve never had… one day I wake up, like two days ago, with absolutely no voice, so I’m like okay, let me go to the doctor…
“I went into the doctor, I’m like I’ve got no voice, my head is swollen… literally my face last night was so swollen.
“He tried to put a shot up my nose. They’ve never done this to me before, because I haven’t had allergies before. The shots actually didn’t work. I’m not supposed to be talking, but I’m talking to you.”
Rimes has now taken to writing down her thoughts at home, explaining, “I’ve been using a dry-erase board, I’m not joking… I can’t talk for the next two weeks once I’m done here.”