Lee Daniels Dedicates Stonewall Award To His Boyfriend

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June 23, 2014 | 7:29am EST

Hollywood director Lee Daniels dedicated an award from gay rights organization Stonewall to his boyfriend to apologize for all the time he has spent away on movie sets.
The Butler moviemaker was honored at the Stonewall Community Foundation’s Vision Awards in New York City on Friday, and he used his acceptance speech to thank his partner, Jahil Fisher, for standing by him despite his grueling work schedule.
He told the audience at the Museum of the City of New York, “This award is dedicated to my boyfriend. You know, being a filmmaker is very selfish. It’s a selfish thing. It becomes about you… You discard your health often, you discard your family, you discard your lover. And then you come back nine months later with a great film, but sometimes, not so good relationships, with my parents, my mom, my boyfriend, and my kids… We live in midtown (Manhattan), and this award is for him, because I’m here to protect him.”
Daniels went on to describe the homophobic abuse his boyfriend often encounters, adding, “He gets harassed every day. He gets the f**got word (yelled) at him going to work every day. I wish a motherf**ker would call me f**got. I have not been that unlucky. I’d probably end up in jail or the New York Post or something like that, but this (award) is dedicated to him, because he tolerates my insanity when I go down deep and I’m creating and I’m not there. I love you, and it’s for you, kiddo.”