Legal Row ThreatensTo Delay The Game’s New Album

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June 23, 2010 | 2:40pm EST

A row over The Game’s new album The R.E.D. Album is threatening to delay its release.
Label Desperado Entertainment claim the rapper agreed to hand over a portion of licensing and publishing royalties from The Game’s sales through Universal Music Group.

In legal papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court this week, label bosses allege they have been cut out of the agreement and they haven’t received any profits from the deal – even though The Game and his associates have been rewarded with royalty checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Universal heads are said to have blamed a delay in making payments on “budget overages” – but Desperado are seeking an injunction to delay the August release of The R.E.D. album until they get damages and a $275,000 advance on the new release.