Leto Surprised By ‘last-second’ West Collaboration

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November 8, 2010 | 8:45pm EST

30 Seconds To Mars’ collaboration with Kanye West at the 2010 Europe Music Awards was a “last-second” affair – the rapper approached the rockers about a duet just two days before the show.
Fans were thrilled when the hip-hop star appeared onstage with the band on Sunday at the ceremony in Madrid, Spain – and frontman Jared Leto admits he was just as excited.

He tells MTV, “This wasn’t even last-minute, more like last-second. Literally a day and a half ago, he was in New York and he got on, literally, the last flight, he made it out here. It’s really a testament to him. I mean, Kanye West flew halfway across the world to be on the stage with 30 Seconds to Mars for a short period of time.”

And Leto reveals their actual performance was also the product of last-minute change – West asked to include a snippet from his single Power in the set moments before they stormed the stage.

The actor/rocker reveals, “We were backstage and, literally, right before we went on – maybe five minutes – we were making changes, and Kanye said, ‘Well, maybe we’ll play a piece of Power in the middle of the song,’ and we were like, ‘OK, let’s go for it.’ It was thrown together last-minute, and rather than try to make something perfect, which is a silly thing, we really just embraced it as much more of a punk affair.

“We were all laughing with each other beforehand, because we knew it was going to be imperfect and a bit of a beautiful disaster, we hoped, and that was fine with us.”