Co-Stars Lewis & Aniston Didn’t Discuss Pitt

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August 13, 2010 | 6:00am EST

Juliette Lewis bonded instantly with Jennifer Aniston on the set of their new movie The Switch – despite sharing the same ex-lover, Brad Pitt.

The actresses play best friends in the romantic comedy and Lewis claims their on-screen chemistry extended into real life.

But she insists the pair never gossipped about their separate experiences with the Fight Club hunk.

She says, “There’s an obvious history we share but while we didn’t share stories about Brad, we did have an instant connection and mutual affection. I love her.”

Lewis also admits she never expected her four-year relationship with Pitt in the ’90s to last – unlike his ex-wife Aniston.

She adds, “For Jennifer, being with Brad was profound as it was a marriage. For me, it was only like a high-school relationship. Brad and I were on a journey together at the start of our careers. Then he became this sensation in a whole other way. I always knew I’d stay an outsider.”