Liam Attacks Noel For Playing Oasis Songs On Tour

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December 4, 2011 | 9:15pm EST

The festive season isn’t bringing the feuding Gallagher brothers any closer together – singer Liam has attacked his former Oasis bandmate Noel for performing the band’s tunes on tour.
Liam’s new act Beady Eye has largely steered clear of performing Oasis tunes live, but brother Noel’s concerts feature a string of hits and fan favourites, entwined with new songs from his High Flying Birds project.

And the singer, who filed for defamation against his sibling earlier this year, has taken aim at the guitarist for being overly reliant on the past.

He tells LA Weekly magazine, “He’s playing 50 per cent Oasis material, which says to me that he’s a complete f**king parasite. He’s a complete f**King s**tbag.”

But Liam insists Beady Eye, who performed in Los Angeles on Saturday night, will be playing more Oasis songs in their live shows next year.

He adds, “It takes balls to go onstage and not play Oasis songs. I don’t miss those songs yet, but we’re definitely going to play them on the next tour.”

The brothers have been feuding for years, but their war of words escalated after Noel quit the band during a 2009 tour of Europe.

Last month, Noel filed court papers accusing his brother of harassing his wife on the phone and attacking him with a guitar.

But it seems the singer is begrudgingly open to a possible Oasis reunion: “I’d rather eat my own s**t than be in a band with him again. He’s a miserable little f**k. But if the fans want it, though, I’d do it.”