Liam Gallagher Clarifies Quitting Music Comments

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June 6, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Liam Gallagher has conceded he won’t be quitting music if Beady Eye’s new album flops, insisting he will simply take a break from recording if he fails to achieve chart success.
The British rocker recently declared he would be changing careers if his band’s second record, BE, doesn’t do well, telling Q magazine, “If we’re barking up the wrong tree with this record, I don’t know if I can be a**ed (bothered) barking up it again. I’ll never be a plumber, I’ll never be a fashion designer. Maybe I’d just sail off into the distance and enjoy my life.”
However, Gallagher admits he didn’t mean those remarks, insisting he was just in “one of those moods” on the day of the interview.
He adds to NME, “I’m totally f**king confident in everything I do. I just meant that I might have a little break from music for a bit, just f**king not go straight into doing another record.”
Beady Eye’s debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, sold a disappointing 700,000 copies following its release in 2011.