Liam Payne: ‘I Hated Louis Tomlinson At First’

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September 20, 2019 | 3:55am EST

Liam Payne and his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson hated one another when the boy band started out – because they both had dreams of becoming an unofficial leader.
Payne has revealed he and Louis had to learn to tolerate each other at first because they couldn’t bear to be in the same room together.
“When we were in the band it kind of felt, like, because he was the oldest and because I’d been singing for quite a bit of time, we both got put in a weird position,” he tells Hits Radio.
“He was wanting to be the leader and I was doing my thing… so, at first, we didn’t get on at all. We absolutely hated each other. It was so funny. Really bad. We hid it well.”
Liam insists he and Louis are good friends now and looking forward to regrouping the boy band.