Liam Payne: ‘I Would Absolutely Hate To Be Harry Styles’

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November 25, 2013 | 3:55am EST

One Direction singer Liam Payne would “absolutely hate” to be bandmate Harry Styles, due to all the attention the heartthrob receives over his personal life.
The 19-year-old hunk has become the most talked about member of the boyband over the years, thanks to his high-profile yet mostly brief relationships with his leading ladies.
From country superstar Taylor Swift to 34-year-old British TV presenter Caroline Flack, Styles often finds himself as the primary focus of tabloid headline and unwanted attention that his bandmates do not envy one bit.
In an interview with Event magazine, Payne admits, “I would absolutely hate to be Harry. Because I don’t think I’d cope with that extra level of attention.”
Niall Horan agrees with Payne’s assessment and adds, “He definitely found the whole experience all very easy.”
However, Styles remains calm and collected even with the added attention, insisting he just feels grateful to be in the superstar position he and his four other bandmates are in.
He says, “It wasn’t that long ago I was working in a baker’s, and now I’m doing this. I’m very lucky, and as far as I can see it’s all good.
“I don’t overthink anything. Everybody else analyzes you from your hair to your eyebrows to the way you wave your hand. If you start worrying about it and overthinking everything you do, it all just becomes false, so I think, just carry on as you are, do what you do and get on with it.”