Liam Payne’s Family Were ‘very Worried’ About His Heavy Drinking

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December 11, 2019 | 7:25am EST

Liam Payne’s heavy drinking, hard partying and “erratic behavior” left his family “very worried”.
The former One Direction star gave up drinking in 2017, when he realized he had become dependent on alcohol. But prior to that, his lifestyle became a “cause of concern” for his nearest and dearest.
“There were a couple of very dark years of me going through extreme peril with different mental health things,” he told the BBC. “I just didn’t know where I was going to end up.
“It was very erratic behavior on my part – I was partying too hard. It was a tough little time. My family were very worried.”
Eventually, Liam got to a point where he realized he “needed to hit the reset button and take a break”.
“I was coming off the back-end of a break-up, so I was dealing with all sorts of emotions that I hadn’t dealt with in a long time because I was always covering them up – heartbreak, nerves, all sorts of things,” he explained. “I’d gotten too used to this rhythm of life; of using alcohol and different things to mask my feelings, or get me through. So I just needed to prove to myself that (drinking) wasn’t the issue for me.”
Even though Liam has had a few difficulties, he remains certain that he’s now where he’s meant to be.
Asked if he would still audition for The X Factor – the British TV program that saw him placed in a band that would go on to become One Direction – all those years ago, Liam insisted: “I wouldn’t change it. I know it’s where I’m supposed to be in the world now. I was very confused about fame when it all happened; and learning to be a person outside of your job was difficult. But now I feel like I get it. I’m a lucky boy.”