Lil Kim Accused Of Stealing Make-up Artist’s Photo

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November 12, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

Rapper Lil Kim has been threatened with legal action after allegedly stealing a photo of a decaying skull from a professional make-up artist to promote her new song.
The Lady Marmalade hitmaker unveiled her new song Dead Gal Walking earlier this month and she has been spreading the word about her latest track by sharing a picture of a red-haired model wearing green and pink skeletal make-up on
However, Samantha Ravndahl claims the image was taken from her own social networking website without permission – and now she is demanding compensation.
She reached out to Kim’s managers to register her complaint, but after they initially refused to pay, she persisted and was then told that the rapper’s team “works slowly”, reports
To add insult to injury, Ravndahl alleges Kim has continued to repost the image online and has even added her own copyright logo to the picture.
She is seeking a settlement, but is seriously considering filing suit against Kim if she fails to respond.
Dead Gal Walking is the hip-hop star’s first single from her upcoming comeback mixtape, Hard Core 2K13.