Lil’ Kim Moves Sick Father Into Her New Jersey Home

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May 17, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Rapper Lil’ Kim has moved her dad into her New Jersey home after he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
The Lady Marmalade hitmaker’s parents divorced when she was nine years old and she subsequently went to live with her father Linwood, but he kicked her out as a teenager when he could no longer cope with his daughter’s bad behavior.
The two were estranged for many years but Lil’ Kim, real name Kimberly Jones, has now patched up her relationship with her father, so she can look after him as he faces declining health and old age.
She tells the New York Post, “My father had ex-wife troubles. Also health issues. He shakes. Spills coffee and food. We have to cook for him, pour his juice. His sickness wasn’t diagnosed, but it’s a small case of Alzheimer’s.
“My father and I were estranged, but I’ve taken him in. He lives with me. I’m very blessed. I live in New Jersey. Every day I give blessing. I know God’s helping me.”
And the controversial Grammy Award winner reveals her father isn’t the only troubled soul she has taken in lately: “A girlfriend of mine got pregnant. Her husband’s abusive. So she’s staying with me… I take care of all my friends to the fullest.”