Lil Scrappy To Check Into Rehab For Marijuana Addiction

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May 29, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Rapper Lil Scrappy is preparing to check himself into a rehabilitation center after revealing his addiction to marijuana is “out-of-control”.
The hip-hop star, real name Darryl Kevin Richardson II, is facing probation violation allegations after he submitted a cold urine sample in March and then refused to take a second test, amid speculation the original one had been tampered with.
He spent a night in jail in April over the incident, which relates to his probation from a 2008 pot possession charge, and he failed another drug test during a court hearing in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month.
Now Scrappy is planning to seek professional treatment in a bid to kick his habit and help him avoid “longer-term trouble”.
He says, “I’m not just trying to cure the feeling for right now. There’s no good in it. The only good I get out of it is the feeling for the time being. After that, it’s trouble right after that.”
Scrappy has also learned to take responsibility for his actions and he insists he’s serious about giving up pot: “I don’t blame the judicial system for me being in my situation. I’ve put all fingers on myself. I have a willpower that God blessed me with, but I wasn’t able to use it because of my addiction.”
The 29 year old is planning to enter a drug treatment facility before his next court date in early June.