Lil Wayne Discharged From Intensive Care Unit, In Recovery After Ordeal

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March 18, 2013 | 9:51pm EST

Rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly been moved out of intensive care as his condition improves following a string of seizures last week.
The Lollipop hitmaker’s health has stabilised six days after he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to, the website which ran reports suggesting the rap star was close to death on Friday evening.
Wayne’s aides, led by Mack Maine – the president of his record label, rallied against claims that the rapper was in a coma, fighting for life, and now Maine has offered up a statement, which seems to suggest his business partner is on his way to making a full recovery.
He says, “I can’t really give a comment on his situation right now ‘cus (sic) we’re not really sure, we’re just standing by him right now. Like I said, he’s in recovery as far as we know, so we’re just sitting back, just waiting until he’s come fully recovered before we can give a statement.”
Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Lil Wayne no longer needs intense, round-the-clock treatment, is walking around the hospital, and “could be discharged in the near future”.
The rapper’s mentor, Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams appeared on DJ Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show on Monday and insisted the health emergency had “nothing to do with drugs,” despite claims to the contrary.
Williams said, “No such thing like that. To me, it’s just how he works. He works around the clock, he’s just a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn’t nothing about no drugs (sic). He just needs to get some rest and relax.”
He also took aim at media outlets which reported his protege was dying after having drugs pumped from his stomach on Friday night, adding, “(They were trying to) kill a man before his time… He’s never been about to die or anything like that.
“We got family and kids, so when you (are) putting out false rumours like that you can really damage families like that.”