Lil Wayne ‘punished For More Prison Contraband’

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October 5, 2010 | 4:05am EST

Jailed rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly been put in an “isolation cell” and had his privileges cut after he was caught with prison contraband for the second time this year.
The hip-hop star is serving a year-long sentence at New York’s Rikers Island prison after pleading guilty to gun possession charges.

Wayne was reprimanded back in May when jail officials found he was hiding banned music equipment during a search of his cell.

And the musician has been caught with banned items again – headphones and a charger were found in his room, according to

The website claims Wayne will spend 23 hours a day in an isolation space as punishment and his only out-of-cell time is restricted to visits, religious services and 60 minutes of recreational time.

His phone privileges have reportedly been reduced to one personal phone call a week.