Lily Allen Takes Twitter Break Over Soldier Scandal

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July 12, 2012 | 7:31am EST

Pop star Lily Allen is taking a break from after she was bombarded with abuse for accusing a British Army soldier of sending her a racist message on the microblogging website.
The Smile singer contacted military bosses on Tuesday to report Harry Wilson, who tweeted, “All the best with your new family just seen you bought s**t I mean adopted a child from Africa.”
She urged officials to take action, writing, “Do you condone (these) racist comments? He needs disciplining,” but was subsequently inundated with a string of abusive messages from Twitter users protesting Wilson’s innocence.
Taking to her page on Thursday, she confirmed she will apologise to Wilson if it’s proved he was not being racially offensive, but insisted he was still in the wrong for “harassing” her.
Allen, who was named as one of the world’s top 50 Twitter users by The Sunday Times Magazine earlier this month, also announced she will step away from the micrioblogging website until the scandal simmers down.
She wrote, “So let me get this straight it’s, ‘He was just harassing you, not racially harassing you.’ Ah, ok then… I did read it properly which is why I was offended…
“Ok I’m leaving Twitter for a few days, hmmmm maybe hours, we’ll see. The stupidity of some people on here is astounding.”
Allen, a mother-of-one, also hinted recent rumours she’s pregnant again are true, adding, “Hormones getting the better of me I think.”