Lohan Accuser ‘regrets’ Causing Controversy

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December 23, 2010 | 2:25pm EST

The woman at the center of Lindsay Lohan’s rehab controversy “regrets” speaking out about allegations the actress assaulted her during an incident earlier this month, according to her lawyer.
The Mean Girls star hit the headlines this week when it was revealed police were called to investigate a “hand-to-hand battery” on 12 December after Lohan reportedly clashed with a member of staff at California’s Betty Ford clinic, where she had been receiving treatment for drug issues.

Sources close to the actress insist she simply brushed the staffmember off when she was “unfairly” lectured about arriving at the clinic after her curfew and ordered to take a drug or alcohol test.

The woman behind the allegations, Dawn Holland, revealed to TMZ.com that Lohan was aggressive and in a “very angry” state when she was caught sneaking back in to the clinic, and she claimed the star had been drinking.

Holland was subsequently fired for breaching patient confidentiality and her lawyer, Keith Davidson, admits his client is upset at the uproar caused by her claims.

Speaking on the Today show on Thursday, Davidson says, “She (Holland) was caught off guard by the attention this incident garnered and she regrets a large part of what happened in general.”

The legal representative goes on to accuse Betty Ford bosses of “unlawful termination”, but insists Holland has no plans to sue Lohan herself – because altercations like the reported fight are “not uncommon” in rehab.

Asked whether Holland would be taking Lohan to court, Davidson replies, “Absolutely not, no. As a matter of fact, my client applauds Miss Lohan and her efforts at rehabilitation. Rehab is not a perfect science.”

And he is adamant Holland only wants the best for Lohan – because the clash would never have made it into the press if she wasn’t famous.

He continues, “I’ve spoken to members of Miss Lohan’s family, her father Michael, and I can assure you that the incident, in the context of rehabilitation, is not uncommon. They are sometimes confrontational, verbal, often times physical. If this happened on a street corner, this would not have gained any attention, there would be no charges filed.

“She (Holland) applauds Miss Lohan, she congratulates her for her efforts. She’s seen first-hand what Miss Lohan has gone through and she wants nothing more than for Miss Lohan to get better, to get well and heal herself.”