Lohan Arrest Warrant Recalled

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June 9, 2010 | 2:52am EST

Lindsay Lohan has denied violating the terms of her May bail following the recall of a bench warrant for her arrest.
Judge Marsha Revel called an emergency meeting with Lohan’s attorney and prosecutors on Tuesday to discuss reports the alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet the star wears began flashing during a night out.
Lohan appeared to have broken a court order banning her from drugs and alcohol after the device started to light up at an MTV Movie Awards afterparty in Los Angeles on Sunday.
The judge decided the alarm constituted a violation of the 23 year old’s bail agreement and issued the arrest warrant – but it was rescinded an hour later when Lohan’s representative David Perez put down $20,000 towards her $200,000 bail.
Meanwhile, the Mean Girls star remains adamant she did nothing to trigger the gadget.
In a series of posts on her Twitter.com page, Lohan writes, “My SCRAM (ankle bracelet) wasn’t set off – it’s physically impossible considering I’ve (done) nothing for it to go off – all of these false reports are absolutely wrong.
“How insane are these accusations?! I did not violate anything… at all. It is just unfortunate and unfair because it distracts from the fact & the truth that I’m in such a good place.”
Lohan was fitted with the anklet last month after missing probation hearings related to drug and drink-driving arrests.
A status hearing is scheduled for 6 July, reports TMZ.com.