Lohan Chastised By Judge, Has Probation Revoked

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October 19, 2011 | 2:25pm EST

Lindsay Lohan has been escorted from a Los Angeles courtroom in handcuffs after a judge revoked the actress’ probation for failing to complete her community service.
A frightened Lohan, who was on the verge of tears throughout Wednesday’s progress hearing, will spend hours behind bars. She is expected to be released on $100,000 bail later today.

During the tense hearing, Lohan was reprimanded by Judge Stephanie Sautner, who accused the star of making it “deliberately impossible” to complete her community service sentence at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles.

The Mean Girls actress was ordered to serve 360 hours there as part of her probation following a 2011 shoplifting conviction, but it emerged last week that bosses at the center had terminated Lohan’s arrangement because she had only completed a fraction of her required shifts.

Judge Sautner suggested in court she had only shown up to the center once and stayed for 90 minutes of a court-ordered four-hour shift. Lohan was subsequently assigned to a new community service program at the Red Cross, where she has been logging several hours of work.

Reviewing the case, Judge Sautner stated: “Miss Lohan’s actions deliberately made it impossible to complete her community service at the Downtown Women’s Center… I certainly find that cause to revoke probation.”

Judge Sautner ruled against counting Lohan’s hours at the Red Cross as part of her community service requirements, insisting she should have “immediately enrolled” in a program at the Los Angeles County Morgue, where she was previously ordered to serve an additional 120 hours.

But that’s not all – the actress also came under fire for only finishing her court-ordered Shoplifters’ Course on the eve of her progress hearing on Wednesday – the deadline for the course completion.

Defending Lohan’s actions, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley challenged, “She completed it last night, she began July 20th… She completed both components of that (course) and… has glowing reviews…”

Another court hearing is expected to be set for Lohan to defend allegations she has violated the terms of her probation.