Lohan Posts Bail

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May 21, 2010 | 2:10am EST

Lindsay Lohan will escape arrest upon her return to the U.S. from France after posting her bail money, according to U.S. reports.
A warrant was issued for the Mean Girls star’s arrest after she failed to attend a mandatory probation hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday morning.
She was due before Judge Marsha Revel at Beverly Hills Courthouse after only completing 10 of her 13 court-ordered alcohol education classes, stemming from a 2007 arrest.
But Lohan found herself stranded in Europe on Tuesday after losing her passport while attending the Cannes Film Festival in France.
She has since obtained replacement documentation – but the star won’t be arrested upon arriving home, according to TMZ.com.
The website claims Lohan has posted $10,000 of her $100,000 bail, which is enough to secure her bond – and the warrant for her arrest has been recalled.
The 23 year old is next expected in court on Monday.
Judge Revel stated at the hearing on Thursday she had reason to believe Lohan had violated the terms of her probation – which could result in a 180-day prison sentence for the actress.