Lohan Settles ‘Lindsay’ Advert Lawsuit

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September 20, 2010 | 5:55pm EST

Lindsay Lohan has settled a court battle over a TV commercial, which she insisted parodied her life for profit.
The Mean Girls star, who is facing 30 days behind bars after violating her probation by failing two random drug tests last week, has something to smile about after reaching an agreement with advertising bosses at financial firm E-Trade.

The company’s 2010 Super Bowl ad, which featured a baby girl called Lindsay, upset the star – because her namesake was portrayed as a boyfriend stealer and a “milkaholic”.

Her legal team filed a $100 million lawsuit against the company, accusing firm executives of exploiting their client’s famous first name and public persona without permission, insisting the use of the name Lindsay was a direct reference to Lohan.

E-Trade chiefs hit back and filed a motion to have the case dismissed, insisting there were hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. with the same first name.

The two parties have now reached a deal to end the legal fight, although details of the settlement have not been disclosed, reports TMZ.com.